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Frequently asked questions
1- How do we guarantee the quality of your products:
  • It is our pleasure to ensure that the products transported are the same as the samples that was shown in first contract agreement, these products are blended & crushed using some of the best equipments to have wonderful results that fits exactly your needs.


2- How is your driver's behavior?
  • Thanks to the great HR and Recruiting team we were able to select some of the finest drivers available in Qatar, these drivers go through lots of tests before handling any of our vehicles, their behavior is controlled and adopted to be  identical to world wide standards.
3- What kind of vehicles do you use as tippers, excavating & shoveling
  • Most of our trucker heads are "Mercedes-Benz Actros" pulling a "Abi Lamaa" tipper in the back, these vehicles model is renewed every year to stay up to date with all available spare parts and equipments as for the Excavation & Shoveling we prefer "Hyundai" for heave equipments, and till now it showed nothing but good work.



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